Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 8

Welcome to Part 8!  We are really starting to get close now!  In part 8 we will discuss win conditions, loading new scenes and GUI.  Please note we are discussing the built in GUI as of version 4.3.  I totally recommend you use NGUI as it is much more intuitive and better matches the process flow for the new GUI system that will be coming in Unity 5!  We will also answer the challenge from part 7.

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Day Of Unity Content

This article is more of a distribution mechanism.  Check out this drop box location for the Day of Unity Content for all sessions I am teaching.  For more information regarding day of  unity, check out here.

The drop box folder contains all of the scripts and sprites as well as a good starting point for those who attended the session.  It also contains the slides for each session I teach.  For some of you that has been the Intro session, for others that has been the porting session.  I have included ALL content from these free workshops here for your convenience.  I have just updated all scripts to be the more recent scripts.  I hope you enjoy them and can reference them as a good starting point.

NGUI – Free Version won’t compile for WP8 – How to FIX

So I am working on porting the Skeleton Dude starter kit I built to Windows Phone from Windows 8 Store and ran into the following problem…

“Error building Player: Exception: Error: method `System.Byte[] System.IO.File::ReadAllBytes(System.String)` doesn’t exist in target framework. It is referenced from Assembly-CSharp.dll at System.Byte[] NGUITools::Load(System.String).”

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Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 2

This is a continuation from part 1.  If you have not completed part 1, please go back to part 1 and complete it as this is an addative series where each part builds on the previous part.  Part 1 covered the basics of creating a character controller that supports keyboard input and touch.  Part 2 will primarily cover animation. Continue reading

Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 1

Hello All,

Many of you know I have been waiting for the final stars to align so that I could write this article.  I am pleased to announce that all issues technical and legal have been resolved, and I have been able to complete my game “Skeleton Dude”.  The completed version of this game is published to the Windows 8 store and is available for download for FREE!  This link will take you to the final version.  So lets get started!


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